A relatable message from the Taylor Swift concert.

Hi again, One Sweet Bloggies! 

I'm currently writing this with half closed eyes and with a hoarse voice after arriving back home at 3am from a Taylor Swift concert down in Raleigh, North Carolina, but I just had to share a little speech Taylor made last night that hit home for me. Gosh she's good at that huh? 

It's been on my "20's bucket list" of things to do before I turn 30 and with 2 days to spare, I made it. Other than my wedding day, it was probably the greatest night of my life. I first heard of T-Swift in 2006 when her song "Tim Mcgraw" came on the radio. I immediately looked up her Myspace page (Oh the good old days) and I was instantly hooked. I have found that the things I love most are things I can relate to, especially in music. Taylor is obviously relatable and it's of course the reason she is who she is today. I thought the following speech would speak right to fellow creatives and it was one of my favorite moments of her whole concert. Tears were definitely falling.

She said...

"You are not somebody else's opinion of you. You are not damaged goods because you made a few mistakes in your life. You are not going nowhere just because you haven't arrived at your final destination yet. What you are is wiser and stronger because you made mistakes. What you are is brave for living your life in a daring way that would cause you to take the risks it takes to make mistakes. What you are is someone who's walked through a bunch of rainstorms but continues to put one foot in front of the other."   

Here is a YouTube video I found with the whole speech.


Taylor Swift fan for life. 1989 will be on repeat for the next 30 years.