August Goals

Good morning from sunny Richmond! I made it through a crazy wedding weekend! Celebrations! And in the midst of all the craziness it turned August. Can you believe it? August is a little bit slower wedding wise which I'm thankful for because September is going to be a whirlwind. I'll be traveling to Maine towards the end of the month for The Working Retreat, walking quite a few brides through their venues for their September weddings, and FINALLY announcing TWO HUGE things! Gahh! 

It's monthly goal time though! I love this part of the month. The very beginning. Blank slate. It feels good! I only have 1 goal this month and it's a personal one. One Sweet Day in May is growing wonderfully and this has honestly been the most wonderful year being married to Chris. Everything is the best it's ever been, but it's time to...

Take care of ME

This month my goal is to kick start my healthy lifestyle back into gear. As being recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, Pre-diabetes, and PCOS, it's so important for me to do all I can to get my body where it needs to be for me and a cute little baby Schmidt when the time is right. While these new diagnoses are something I will have to deal with, I can make sure I am doing my part. These conditions have unfortunately been a huge part in me gaining 30 pounds in 10 months and it's time to fight back hard core. 

I've taken barre classes for just over a year and a half at a nearby barre studio and honestly I never really stuck to a routine with it. I would do it for a month taking a few classes a week, but then we'd go out of town and I'd fall off the wagon. Then my favorite barre instructor left and isn't currently teaching so the past few months have been barre-less for this girl. Until last week when I signed up for a month of Pure Barre. Pure Barre was my first barre class I ever took, but they didn't have one here in Richmond at the time. Flash forward and today will be my 6th Pure Barre class in a row and I am obsessed. Yes, that's all it's taken.  It's full of super model and ballerina look alikes and then there's me, but I LOVE IT. I've always been a huge advocate of barre, but this is the first time I've felt like this about it. So with that here are my mini goals for my month of kick starting taking care of me.

One Sweet Day in May Richmond Wedding Florist

Attend Pure Barre 5 times a week

1 hour of cardio 5 times a week

Only eat out 2 a week max

Track Weight Watchers points every day

Drink more water

No more eating in the car (Those Dunkin Donuts drive-thrus always get me) 

There, 6 mini goals for my big goal. If you have any advice, I'd love to hear it!

My hope is by the end of the year to have my body back and as ready as it can be for perhaps a little one. This year has been just wonderful being the two of us and I'm not quite ready to add to our little family quite yet, but I'm getting there. No rushing just future thoughts that make my heart happy. 

Bye for now sweet friends! 


Michelle xoxo