10 things you don't know about me and launch giveaway!

So I thought I would somewhat do a "Friday Introductions" post on 10 things you may not know about me since I'm giving the blog a new start on life. I've noticed quite a few new faces over on Facebook and Instagram and thought I'd let everyone get to know me a little bit better! So welcome new friends! To celebrate my rebrand, I have included a SUPER fun GIVEAWAY including a few of my favorite things at the end of this post! YAY! Giveaways are my favorite and I just love that I get to throw one! 

For starters (incase you are really new) I'm Michelle! (HI!) I'm 29 years old (almost 30!) and I am a wedding floral designer! I have a blog because I want to share my life with you! I want to bring you behind the scenes of events and share what I love most! So welcome! I am really easy going and open so if there is anything you'd ever like to hear about, let me know! I would love your ideas! 

So here we go!

Image by  Andrea Pesce

Image by Andrea Pesce


1. I was born on the tiny Island of Bermuda and lived there for over 8 years. I have been back twice and once on our honeymoon last year. It is one of my favorite places in the whole world. In fact, we're planning on taking a 30th birthday/1st anniversary trip in September and I might want nothing more than to go back there. Some might find it crazy not to go somewhere we've never been, but (right now) I can't shake that longing of wanting to be back there...so we'll see! 

2. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 19 years old and my parents never taught me how to drive. My friends taught me the basics and I barely passed my driver's test. Once I had my license I barely drove (only when friends would let me drive their cars) and the day I bought my first car I was terrified because I didn't really know how to drive. Looking back it's funny and I promise I'm a good driver now, but I pretty much figured it out by myself and that day driving my little VW Beetle off the lot was probably the scariest day of my life. But I bought that little car myself at 21 and I thought that was a pretty great accomplishment. Say yes and figure it out after, right? Sheesh.

3. I hate Roller-coasters. Like really hate them. No bad experiences, but I think I come close to having a panic attack when I'm at an amusement park and someone says their going to make me go on one. They find it funny, I guess. I was with Chris and his family at Disney World back in 2012 and he said if I went on Space Mountain he would never try and get me on another one ever again. So I went on it and it was terrible as expected. We bought the photo which has everyone else smiling with their hands in the air and then there's me clinging on for dear life. Ugh. And Chris still tries to get me on them whenever we're at Busch Gardens...Never falling for that again. 

4. I collect Starbucks city mugs. However, only from cities I've traveled to. The only exception is one from Australia that my friend sent me while she was studying abroad and who would say no to a mug from Australia? 

5. Sometimes I laugh so hard I cry...like really cry. Not tears of joy, Like uncontrollable sobbing and I have no idea why. The only other person I have seen with this same issue is Kristen Bell when she was on the Ellen Show a few years back. I've never related to anything more in my whole life. It's like I'm so excited that my emotional level goes so high and it doesn't know what to do so it makes me start hysterically crying. It freaks Chris out sometimes and I've almost had to leave the table at a restaurant after laughing about something on the menu (I think) turned into a full on meltdown...classy. Sometimes I wonder why Chris married me haha.                                                                                                                                Here is the link with Kristen Bell...



6. I can't whistle. I've tried, it's just not going to happen for me. 


7. I love movie soundtracks and most of my music library consist of them. My favorites include The Parent Trap, Bride Wars, This is 40, Legally Blonde, and Enchanted. 

8. Speaking of music, I can rap every word of Nelly's Grillz and Nicki Minaj's Superbass and do frequently (behind closed doors.)

9. I am a total homebody and love our home more than anything. Sure, I love weekend getaways and exploring new places, but I would take dinner on the couch with a RedBox movie or a good show over any night out ever. I absolutely love hosting people in our home and some of my favorite memories come from the get-to-gethers we've had here. Home is where the heart is could not be more true for me. I actually start to get a little homesick if I'm away for more than a couple days. 


10. I had never seen snow before moving to Virginia. I was 23 years old and it was March 1st, 2009. Richmond got almost 14 inches of snow and I just remember how beautiful it was and how quiet everything was. I grew up in South Florida where the seasons are Summer and Christmas. Snow was never even a thought growing up. I think I fell in love with Virginia the first Fall I was here. I had never seen the leaves change color either. It is so magical here when the seasons change and I'm so happy I have found exactly where I belong. 


I hope you've taken the time to look around and get acquainted with the new One Sweet Day in May, Here at the blog you can expect blog posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout the Summer. I'll be sharing a few One Sweet Brides and One Sweet Spotlight creatives, some house projects that we are working on, and some behind the scenes posts too! I can't wait!

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