Meet a One Sweet Bride- Emily


Everyone knows my brides are everything to me. I can honestly say that I have the best group of girls and they are the number 1 reason I love what I do. Today I'm introducing you to One Sweet Bride Emily! Emily is just the sweetest and I've loved getting to know her the past few months. I wanted to give you a behind the scenes of her wedding floral inspiration and let you get to know this sweet bride! 

Emily lives in the heart of Charlottesville and works for Borrowed and Blue! So fun! We instantly bonded over our love of all things weddings. Her fiance is Scott and they have the cutest pup Remi! 

The future Cornellas!

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Aren't they the cutest?! 

These two are tying the knot at the beautiful Trump Winery in Charlottesville on September 5th! 

Emily is classic. She's girly yet wanted to stay simple and let her gorgeous venue do the talking. I you blame her?! 

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Shades of white and deep hunter green are the main colors that will be used throughout to streamline the whole event complete with floral pergola and loose and free flowing centerpieces in gold floral bowls. Gahh, I cannot wait! 

Here are a few images I pulled from our inspiration board! 

I sent Emily over a few questions which she graciously answered! I loved getting to know more about Emily and Scott through their interview and I know you will too!


Photos by Jarad Ladia Photography

How did you two meet?

We actually met online, on OKCupid in December of 2011. We were both in graduate school in Chapel Hill, NC at the time. I love dogs, so when Scott sent me a message commenting on my profile picture (which was a photo of me and my puppy), I knew I had to respond! We ended up meeting for dinner β€” which turned into dinner, a concert, and shutting down the bar without even realizing it. The rest, as they say, was history!


Tell us about the proposal! 

We spent a year apart during our relationship β€” Scott was in Charlottesville working on his medicine residency, and I was in Durham, NC completing a one-year fellowship in local government. I finally moved up to Charlottesville during the summer of 2013, and Scott took me to Pippin Hill Vineyards my first weekend in town to celebrate. We loved the winery, but never went back after that first time until the proposal. In the weeks leading up to the proposal, Scott casually brought up the idea of going to the vineyard. So on a gorgeous late September afternoon, we went. After grabbing a glass of wine, we walked around the property for quite a while (Scott was trying to find the perfect spot to propose). Eventually, we made our way through one of the rows of grapes, and Scott popped the question. I had no idea he was planning this, and was in complete shock! Afterwards, we went to Afton Mountain Vineyards for a Saturday night concert they were having. We decided to wait to tell anyone (including our parents!) until after the concert. It was really nice having a couple of hours to let the engagement soak in, just the two of us.

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What has been the most important to you while planning?

Guest experience. We've prioritized spending on items that will make our guests feel comfortable and taken care of, like transportation to and from the venue (since most of our guests are from out of town), food & drink, and overall experience. Plus, I've spent hours crafting a playlist that will hopefully keep everyone out on the dance floor! 

What has made you the most nervous? 

Feeling like I'm forgetting something. I've never planned a wedding before, so every step has been brand new! I've fully put my trust in vendors. After all, they've seen lots of weddings and know what works and what doesn't. My fingers are crossed that this approach works out!

What are you most excited about?

I'm most excited about having all of the people that we love and that have supported Scott & I through the years together in one place. It already feels surreal to me.

What are you looking forward to about being married? 

Scott and I already live together, so I'm not anticipating a huge change lifestyle wise, but I am looking forward to making plans & building a life together. I'm just so happy to know that Scott will be by my side from this point forward β€” it makes the future and all of the changes that will inevitably come a lot less scary and a lot more exciting.

Any advice for brides?

Just remember β€” there are NO rules to weddings. Do you love sushi? Serve it for dinner. Want to have your first dance to Lady Gaga? Do it. There will be lots (and I mean lots!) of people that will insert their opinions at every step of the planning process. Welcome the advice, because they really do mean well. But don't strive to make everyone happy because a) it's impossible and b) you risk having a wedding devoid of any of your personality in the process. I spent a lot of time & energy early on trying to please everyone. I failed miserably. After I let go of my people pleasing tendencies and turned my energy inward, things started flowing much more smoothly. The end result is a wedding I'm proud of and one that reflects our personality as a couple. 

Thanks so much Emily! I CANNOT WAIT for next weekend and your beautiful wedding! It's going to one for the books guys.