I love a new month. Especially when it's the beginning of Fall. October is so magical here in Virginia. In a few weeks all the leaves will be bright red, yellow, and orange, and I for one cannot wait! 

With it being a new month, it's time for goals and a health journey update!

One Sweet Day in May Virginia Wedding Florist


I'll start with my health journey! It's hard y'all. With being hypothyroid and having PCOS my body has a super low metabolism and it makes it tough to get those pounds off. Since I started this journey on July 29th, I'm down 12 pounds mostly of which came off in August. September was the busiest month by far for me and as much as I tried to stay on track, there were times it didn't happen. Long wedding weekend setups that included golden oreos and Chick-fil-a milkshake stops didn't exactly help. I did lose 2 pounds though and I guess that's something! With a much slower month this month, I'm feeling optimistic! I'm still sticking to Pure Barre about 5 times a week, but need to up my cardio. I've explained before that I'm not trying to reach a certain number on the scale, I just want to be healthy. I'm a curvy girl and always have been. I don't want to lose them! They are what make me me. Healthy is what I'm going for.  When I have my labs done I want them to show a healthy body so that when one sweet baby Schmidt comes along, I'll be ready. I don't care about that number on the scale. I have an Endocrinologist appointment on October 30th so I want to get my numbers down as much as possible before then! So if you see me wearing nothing but workout clothes for the next 4 weeks, you'll know why. I'm on a mission! 


So for my October Goals...



1. Focus on my healthy journey. This is my #1 priority this month. 

2. Our home. There are so many photos ready to be hung, new furniture to be built and a long to do list that has taken a back seat to the busy of this year. 

3. Start Christmas shopping. There are 84 days till Christmas y'all! Yikes! 


1. Design and get printed a 2016 bride magazine

2. Work on streamlining client experience for 2016 brides 

3. Pull amazing sponsors for The Floral Gathering 

4. Blogging- In October, the blog will be different! We'll be on a 4 day a week blogging schedule starting on next week. It will switch up from time to time for One Sweet Bride features, One Sweet Spotlights, and submission features, but basically here on the blog you can expect posts Tuesday-Friday. Hooray! I'll be honest y'all, I used to hate blogging. Hated it! It was such a bother to come come up with content, and find the time to  sit down and write. Over time though, I've grown to love it. It's become therapy of sorts. Like right now, I'm sitting in one of those comfy chairs at Starbies with  a PSL and watching the rain fall. Heaven. Blogging has become my voice in the community and it's no longer just a pain in the butt thing on my to do list, it's something I look forward to. 

5. Brainstorm business for 2016- Looking ahead to 2016 is exciting! There are some things I want to add though, and I can't wait to share my dreams with you! Now that my first real year is over, I feel as though 2016 is (hopefully) going to be quite the year and going to determine where I want to take One Sweet Day in May. Stay tuned, friends! 

6. Continue to use Trello to manage everything-even my personal things. If you haven't tried Trello yet, DO IT. DO IT NOW! It's been a LIFE changing addition. 

7. Book 2 more 2016 (or 2017!!) Brides. Next year is booking up like crazy and I'm loving the sweet brides who have come into my life. 2016, you are going to be the best one yet, I can feel it.  


I hope you have the most wonderful of Octobers sweet friends! Make it a good one.