Happy Friday friends! We're wrapping up another wonderful week over here and after quite a few warm days here in Richmond, I'm excited for the cooler weekend ahead! 

This week was a busy one. I'm trying to get everything ready for The Floral Gathering before we leave for Ireland and finishing up client experience packages to send out in a few weeks. Such a fun part of my little business. I love showering my brides with love and sweet intentional gifts. 

I'm working on a blog post of a recap of my year and it's so nuts to look back on all that One Sweet Day in May has done this year. I love this work and it brings us the greatest of joy. I'm truly excited for next year. 

I saw this video of Steve Harvey this week and  I thought I would share it with you for a little One Sweet Friday's note of encouragement. Keep going and remember why you started sweet friends. Celebrate even the littlest of victories and hold your head up through the rough patches and do what Steve says and jump.  

Have a wonderful weekend sweet friends! I'm getting ready for a girly and sparkly editorial with Lovely Bubbly Events and Chris and I have dinner plans with some friends we haven't seen in a while and we have tickets to see Home Alone in the movie theater on Sunday evening! SO excited! 

See you back here next week!