September Goals.

Goodbye Summer, you were simply wonderful. I'm going to miss you maxi dresses and flip flops, but I really am ready for boots and scarves. Since it's the start of a new month, it's time for monthly goals and I wanted to update you on my health journey! 

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Simply put, September is nuts! The Fall season kicks off this weekend with not one, but two gorgeous weddings, be sure to follow along here! So because it's so so busy, my goal of this month is intentionality. Making sure I leave my phone and laptop upstairs after 6 o'clock, starting my day actually getting dressed in more than just yoga pants, and taking breaks throughout the day to make sure I'm giving myself "me" time. These are things I didn't do this Spring and it showed. I was exhausted. Busy is good, but it's only good when you are intentional with all aspects of your life. 


My second September goal is to continue my health journey and even pick it up a notch. I lost 10 pounds in August. I think I could have lost more if I didn't spend 5 days in Maine....but that's ok. I jumped back in the Pure Barre saddle today got back on healthy eating. Hooray! I still have a ways to go, but so far so great! My goal is to not be a certain weight or to be skinny. To be honest, I've always had curves and I love them. I don't want them to leave-they are what makes me who I am. So it's not a number on the scale, my goal is to be healthy. A healthy weight so I'm no longer pre-diabetic (ugh) and healthy Thyroid levels too. My next Endocrinologist appointment is October 30th and by then I want my labs numbers to drastically improve. It's a every day commitment though and it's hard. Through tests and lab results I've found out that because of Hypothyroidism, my body has a super slow metabolism (Thanks body!) So it's even harder for me to lose weight, but I think I started out pretty good! 

Thank you for your words of encouragement over the past month! Just keep swimming, am I right? Happy September sweet friends, make it a good one!