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Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours! Want to know a fun fact? Growing up we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving because my parents are English. No turkey, no stuffing (!!!) nothing. It was just a normal day in our household. Towards my mid-teens and early twenties I started going over to friend's and past boyfriend's houses to join them in celebrating and of course fell in love with this holiday.  

Nowadays I spend it with Chris' family and it has become so special to me. Minus all the amazing food (I think about Aunt Sue's stuffing allll year long) I love that it's spent with a family. My family through Chris. My extended family lives in England and I didn't grow up with them around. Without getting too religious, I think part of the reason Chris is in my life is because of the wonderful family he comes with. They all live right here in the Richmond area and we see each other quite often. I just love looking forward to Thanksgiving with them each year. One of my favorite days.  

Chris and I usually sleep in and then make breakfast and watch the parade together and have a lazy morning before heading over to join everyone else. I love that there's that balance of me and him time and family time. The perfect day. 

This year I'm so excited because my bestie friend Bree is coming up from NC with little Noah! You can read her story here, but Keith deployed for about 9 months last week so I'm happy she's coming to spend Thanksgiving with us! Lots to look forward to in the next few days, that's for sure! On Sunday we're finally headed to Ireland Gahhh! I'll be posting all kinds of pretty over on Instagram as always!  


Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours!