The Rebrand Diaries

Hi! Hello! Hey there! I'm back to blogging and have something super near and dear to my heart to tell you about today. Yesterday I began my official rebranding with Ashlee Proffitt Designs. Just typing this is making me want to do a little happy dance! I first contacted Ashlee back in October and was all set to jump in, but she didn't have any openings for branding until March. Yikes! At first I was a little dissapointed. 5 months was a really long time, but a little voice inside of me told me to wait it out and that Ashlee was the right choice for me. And can I just say, waiting was the best thing for me and One Sweet Day in May. This time has given me clarity and I've really been able to hone in on exactly what I want this business to be. Time is a good thing, friends. Β 

So what do I want this huge peice of my heart to be about? What is the meaning behind One Sweet Day in May? Β 

I want to be more than just a wedding florist. I want to be more than just emails and contracts. I want brides to know that I am here for them. Many of you know that at one point I was wanting to branch out into full wedding planning and florals, but have since decided to stick with florals only. I want to be great at florals and as of right now, that is what I want to spend all of my energy on. I told Ashlee this today and she told me something wonderful. Apply what I love about wedding planning to my floral business. Ahh! Ah-ha moment! I love being there for brides. I love giving them advice. I love telling them that they can count on me to answer my phone and be reliable. And that is what I want to apply to One Sweet Day in May. I want brides to know that they are my number 1 priority. Call me, I'll answer and we can chat about anything. Found a flower you love? Tell me! One Sweet Day in May is more than just a flower shop. Brides become my friends and we have a lot of fun here. 

So I've told you before that I want to take you through every step of my rebrand process and it starts today, guys. Whether you are a creative thinking about branding or just here for the pretty, I hope my "Rebrand Diaries" help you in some way. 

Here is a little sneak peak of my first branding inspiration board and a few fun logo mockups. I know, I can barely handle the prettiness. Eeekk!!



One Sweet Day in May is soft yet colorful, girly yet grownup, a hint of sparkle and patterns, and overall it screams fun. I think Ashlee nailed it when she narrowed down my dozens of pins. So here we are friends, the beginning. I'm so excited for this journey and can't wait to share more! Β 

Love, Β 

Michelle Β