Today we're doing a little throwback Thursday and rewinding it all the way back to July to the coast of Rhode Island for my best friend's vow renewal. This renewal holds such a dear special place in my heart and I know you'll love these photos from Annmarie Swift Photography as much as I do.

One Sweet Day in May- Virginia Wedding Florist

During the past couple of years, the meaning of friendship has shifted a bit for me and Bree has played a huge role in my different mindset. Bree doesn't have it easy. She is in a dual military marriage where her and Keith are stationed 4 hours apart with an 8 month old baby. Along with Keith's month-at-a-time underway missions, he's gearing up for a 9 month deployment starting in November. Despite her sacrifices and all she goes through, Bree is the greatest of friends. In these current days where technology has become the preferred method for communication, Bree still picks up the phone and keeps me updated with her military life in Ft. Bragg. If something is bothering me or I had a bad day, she's the first person I call and she lets me go on and on and get all my frustrations out. Even though her frustrations usually trump mine, she never cuts me short or tells me she's too busy. We only see each other about once a month for a quick weekend, but she's still very much part of my daily life. Not to mention she is the best mother to little Noah. Bree is so inspiring to me and Chris and I were so happy to take part in their special vow renewal. Love you, Bree! 

Virginia Wedding Florist

Thank you again to Annmarie Swift.