Happy Friday from The Schmidt Pad! I actually kinda sorta took the day off today. Besides a few emails here and there and planning a little for next week, today is being spent with Chris and the pups for somewhat of a family day. We're entering the beginning of the slower season and I for one cannot wait to spend the next 5 months being intentional with my business and loving on my 2016 brides.


The past few months I've been focusing a lot on the future. The future of my business, the future of my family, and the future of me as a women. I write this today because my priorities have shifted a bit recently and it got me thinking about other creatives. We're all so different and we all have unique situations. Comparing is so hard not to do in our industry and it leaves you feeling discouraged at times and makes you doubt yourself. I'm here to say that whatever the situation you and your family may be in, whether you are full time in your business (That's amazing!), working a 9-5 trying to make your business full-time (You go girl!), or your small business is on the side and you have no intentions of turning it into your sole income provider, that is ok! No matter what season of life your business is in, taking the leap and creating something from your passion is amazing whether it's your full time job or on the side. We're all boss ladies, but that phrase means something different to all of us and we shouldn't doubt what we're doing just because it seems others are doing bigger and better things. There is a great video from Marie Forleo-who if you don't follow along with, you're missing out. The video which you can find here is about how to deal with insecurity and self doubt and I found it so helpful. So be sure to check it out! Here's to doing things that bring you joy and passion no matter what that means to you. Here's to wearing the million different hats that some of us wear and pulling it off. Keep doing what is best for you. Don't let anyone make you doubt yourself. 

Have a wonderful weekend sweet friends! There is a Special Monday blog post coming on Monday with a BIG announcement that I cannot wait for! Things are changing around here, that's for sure! See you on Monday when I spill the beans! Hooray!